6 Steps to happier healthier meanignful and purposeful life

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Hi I am Akshay Tiwari, a Holistic Happiness Coach by passion and heart although an engineer by education and profession.

Since childhood Happiness has attracted me more than anything. The ability to stay calm and get things done without raising your blood pressure or even eyebrows has always inspired me so I have always been keen to learn these things from people who seem to have mastered it.

As I was growing up, I started feeling that happiness is much more than what people think, it is not about success, it is not about just calmness, it is much much more, and it is a multi faceted things. When it came to my more than a decade long and continuing professional life and personal life, the learnings were tested time and again.

I have been coaching people with the system which I had put together with all those learnings for more than 3 years now. That is how I am able to refine those learnings and tweak the system. Anyone can use this system and master but of-course with a little practice and patience.

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